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Our Toys Spread Joy & Preserve our Natural Resources and operated by Swiesner Trading LLC) is the only toy distributor and retailer in the GCC that is committed to bringing healthy & safe toys to kids aged 0-6 years and preserving the natural resources in our planet at the same time. All our toys are made from 100% natural hardwood (mainly beech and maple wood) sourced from sustainable or Eco-friendly forests that are FSC/PEFC certified. We do not use plastic or toxic paints / colorants, phosphates or any harmful substances in our toys. We use non-toxic water-based colors that are perfectly safe and healthy for your kids. Our toys are CE compliant which means they are in compliance with the European Standard for safety of toys (EN71). With production taking place in Germany, Austria and in some parts of Asia and Honduras under strict European or U.S. standards, quality and safety are never compromised.

At, we also have a small range of organic products from NIC that are treated with natural oils, mostly linseed or castor oil. The organic toys do not use water-based colors but rather use oil-based plant pigments and natural colors. The raw materials extracted from natural products, for example, pigments from plant colors, natural colors and natural oils, contribute to an environmentally friendly surface treatment.

Our toys encourage bonding between parent and child, harmony and healthy development and sensory development using natural materials, surfaces and colors. It is also scientifically proven that wooden toys are much more effective at promoting fine motor skills development and stimulating a child’s senses. In particular, our toys are great at developing imagination and creativity through Tegu’s magnetic wooden blocks or Glukskafer’s wooden colored shapes, handicraft skills through Matador’s construction kits and much more!

At, we don’t just sell toys, we make children happy and create a healthy and stimulating environment around them through our toys. Our toys spread joy and happiness and as parents, you can be assured they are safe and feel good about preserving mother earth! For every EverEarth toy you buy, a tree is planted in their sustainable forest in East Asia.

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