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What are the Benefits of using Educational Toys with Kids?

Big corporations produce thousands of new plastic toys every year that are battery-operated and mechanical with lights and sounds. While these toys may provide short-term distraction, they don’t provide long-term educational benefits. Wooden toys are proven to be much more effective at promoting physical and intellectual development in children and far more safe and healthy due to the natural wooden materials used in making them...

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How Safe Are Your Kids' Toys?

In a house full of kids, child safety concerns always seem to be a no-brainer, that is, until an accident involving your kid’s favorite toy happens. And yes, even when we always have our children’s best interests at heart, and strive to get them toys from trusted retailers and manufacturers, accidents can and do happen...

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Educational Toys for Improving a Child's Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is a basic innate skill set that a child is born with. From the moment they are born, babies start working on developing hand-eye coordination by looking at objects and trying to touch them or vice versa. The relationship between sight and touch, two of five senses every human being is given by mother nature. It doesn’t matter which comes first, sight or touch, but what matters is that babies can connect the two senses. Here are some types of toys you as a parent can give your children to improve and fine tune and hand-eye coordination...

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The Best Toy Blocks for Learning While Playing

There are so many different types of toy blocks and each one engages the child and stimulates them in a slightly different way. Some encourage creativity while others work on fine motor skills and some others teach them about numbers, letters, shapes, and colors. One thing is common among all of them – they are educational and fun at the same time! They keep a child focused and give them a goal to attain which helps with concentration and boosts mental development and discipline. Your child may be tempted to throw the blocks around the house but that’s part of the fun for a child and a challenge for the parent...

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What are the Benefits of using Wooden Educational Toys with Kids?

Remember those toys you use to play with when you were still a kid (blocks, cars, action figures, doll houses, and the like)?
They were quite simple — no batteries or even any electronic device required in order for them to function. And yet, what they lacked in technology due to their simplicity, didn’t in any way hinder you from having fun....

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3 Urgent Reasons to Avoid Plastic Toys

Industry experts say that plastic toys accounted for 90% of the market last year. These are items that toy stores or shops never run out of since they are popular among kids of all ages.
Although there are various eco-friendly wooden toys available to choose from as well, most grown-ups still gravitate towards plastic toys if they need to give a child a gift because they are more affordable. This further contributes to the popularity of plastic playthings, as well as the demand for them.....

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6 Important Reasons to Choose Wooden Toys for Your Kids

Toys are the first tools you can use to teach your kids valuable lessons. Young children learn through play and, as such, you need to stock up on the right playthings. These should include construction, open-ended, sound-generating, moving, and educational toys such as wooden number puzzles and blocks...

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