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Educational Toys for Improving a Child's Hand-Eye Coordination

Colorful clown stacking wooden toy

As babies grow, they start developing hand-eye coordination by looking at objects and trying to touch them. Here are some types of toys you as a parent can give your children to improve and fine tune their hand-eye coordination.

1. Stacking Toys

Stacking toys such as building blocks or bricks are not only useful in developing hand-eye coordination but also for stimulating your child’s imagination, improving spatial awareness, and promoting logical thinking. These blocks are simple to use and can provide kids with hours of fun.

The blocks are often made from wood or plastic and can provide hours of fun. Our selection of wooden stacking toys offer the added advantage of being made with non-toxic materials and colors.

There are stacking blocks and bricks available for different age groups. When buying toys for babies or toddlers between the ages of 12-18-months, take note of the size of the pieces as small blocks could potentially become choking hazards.

2. Shape Sorters

Shape sorters are a great way for babies to learn about different shapes. The goal is to allow the infant to find the right hole where the shape will fit. It may take them several tries until they become successful but this helps in building hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

3. Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to boost your child’s logical thinking while helping him learn about different colors, shapes and numbers. We have big peg puzzles designed for 18-month-old infants. These come with pegs that the infant can grab and use to fit the shapes into the wooden board.

Our wooden peg puzzles come in a variety of designs including shapes, numbers, letters, those with pictures of animals, birds, dinosaurs, and more!

For older toddlers between the ages of 30 and 36 months, you can try out our puzzles with interlocking pieces. If you wish to provide more of a challenge, we also have puzzles with more pieces and more complex designs.

4. Pop-up Toys

When developing your child’s hand-eye coordination, you can also consider pop-up toys. These toys feature a series of knobs, buttons, and levers that children can play with and help them learn about cause-and-effect.

Much like other educational toys on our site, you can choose from a variety of designs including toys that feature vehicles, animals and more.

5. Balls

Balls offer a fun and effective way of developing hand-eye coordination in kids, regardless of their age. Simple games like rolling a ball back and forth allow a child to use their hands to direct the ball in different directions.

More complex skills like learning how to kick, throw or catch can be introduced as a child gets older. Once your child has become more accustomed to playing with balls, he can develop other skills such as dribbling, bouncing or juggling.

6. Color Pencils

Hand-eye coordination is essential in writing. A one-year-old may not know how to write yet but infants at this stage will start making marks on paper using whatever instruments they come across. To encourage your infant to develop hand-eye coordination skills and learn how to write, you can start by providing crayons and paper.

Crayons come in a wide variety of colors which can help stimulate creativity. Plus, the rounded edges make them a safe writing tool to play with. Once your infant reaches 18 months of age, you can start replacing the crayons with coloring pencils and a coloring book.

Regardless of the writing or coloring instrument your child is using, make sure that he is supervised at all times. This reduces the risk of any accidents occurring while using crayons or colored pencils.

7. Painting Sets

Painting sets are fantastic educational toys for parents looking to stimulate their child’s creativity while improving hand-eye coordination. Children learn to improve their fine motor skills by intricately filling in the detail using the paints and brushes provided in the set.

You can start with either the Crayola My First Magic Water Paint Set or the Melissa & Doug My First Paint with Water Kids.

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